Formatges Muntanyola awarded with a Gold medal

Formatges Muntanyola Bufalet has been awarded with a gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon.

Formatges Muntanyola awarded with a Gold medal

Formatges Muntanyola by Fundació AMAPANS, has been awarded, one more time, with a gold medal for Bufalet. The mature cheese made with buffalo milk has been selected at the Concours Intenational de Lyon, where almost 1.300 cheese samples have taken part of.

Muntanyola’s Bufalet got a gold medal in the buffalo milk category, becoming the only Spanish cheese to achieve this recognition. The other winners in this category come from Italian farms, a leading country in buffalo cheese production.

Bufalet is a mature cheese artisanally crafted using buffalo milk, aged slowly for two to four months. This process results in a creamy and crumbly lactose-free cheese with an intense but refined flavour. In buffalo cheese the lactose disappears in the process of coagulation of the milk and during the ripening period, making it a great choice for people with intolerances or allergies to lactose.

that was called for the first time in 2015. The first editions focused on wines, spirits and beers and it was in 2019 when cheese and dairy products enter the contest.

The Lyon International Competition calls for 300 categories of cheeses and dairy products. Cow, goat, sheep and buffalo varieties of cheese, yogurts, milk and creams from all over the world take part in the competition. This year, with a record participation of nearly 1,300 cheese samples, 387 medals and 14 trophies were awarded to the best cheeses from each country. It is the first time that Formatges Muntanyola participates.

Muntanyola’s mature buffalo cheese has been previously awarded at the World Cheese Awards with a silver medal.

Formatges Muntanyola produces 13 references of artisanal cheese made with 4 varieties of milk: goat, buffalo, cow and sheep at Urpina farm in Bages, Catalonia. The cheese factory is a part of the social project of the AMPANS foundation, a non-profit organization that works for the full inclusion of people with disabilities, mental illness and in vulnerable situations.

Muntanyola workroom