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An inspiring story of generosity and remarkable people

The Urpina farm, in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, is the result of a story of generosity and great people from the Vila Isern family, who have two children with intellectual disabilities. In 2006, they made the decision to donate the farm to the AMPANS Foundation, who in return would look after their children when they could no longer do so and would use the space to create opportunities for people with disabilities or in vulnerable situations.

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Nestled at the foot of the Montserrat Mountains, surrounded by century-old vineyards and next to a home for people with support needs, we craft artisanal cheeses. With a slow, peaceful method and our own herd of goats that we care for closely, the cheeses we make retain all the knowledge, essence, and traditional flavor of artisanal cheeses.

Legacy of master cheesemakers
Legacy of master cheesemakers

In 2015, at the AMPANS Foundation, we began to draw up the idea of making a cheese factory on the land. A social economy project that would allow the creation of several adapted job positions, since cheese-making involves many manual and repetitive processes that are suitable for the tasks of the people we support.

We inherit Jaume and Maria’s legacy. With a trajectory of over 20 years as cheesemakers, upon retiring, they decided to put an end to their professional project, and it was then that AMPANS took on the challenge of taking over. For over a year alongside Jaume and Maria, we were learning all the secrets of artisanal cheese-making.

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