Artisanal cheeses

Four varieties of milk

We make artisan cheeses using four varieties of milk: goat, buffalo, cow and sheep. Our factory’s characteristic feature makes it unique in the region and allows us to offer you a wide range of Catalan cheeses of the highest quality.

We are part of ACREFA, the Catalan Association of Artisan Cheese Breeders and Producers, which brings together around eighty artisan cheese producers from all over Catalonia. It focuses on two areas: representing the artisan and Catalan cheese sector and promoting cheese culture.

artisanal quality

One by one, Muntanyola cheeses are made by hand and without haste, following in the footsteps of the master cheesemaker. Tradition and innovation meet to create artisanal cheeses, full of flavors, textures and nuances.

During the production process and during maturation, we refine the cheeses to give them the flavors, textures, colors and aromas unique to each one. An artisanal task that requires the daily care of turning, rubbing, cleaning and ensuring the right humidity and temperature conditions for each of the refined cheeses.

International prestige

National and international competitions such as the World Cheese Awards, Lactium and GourmetQuesos have recognized the quality of Formatges Muntanyola in several editions. In doing so, we maintain the prestige of our origins.

Catalan Cheeses
artisanal quality

Top quality local cheeses, which bear the mark of their history and environment. The Catalan Formatges Muntanyola, such as Garrotxa, have a surprising aroma of fresh milk from local goats, a creamy texture, a smooth and pleasant flavour and top-quality, organic raw materials.

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