Social Project: Value-Added Cheeses

Formatges Muntanyola is a social and employment project of the AMPANS Foundation. In keeping with our mission, we contribute to the social integration of people with intellectual diversity, mental illness or situations of vulnerability by creating job opportunities and helping them to fulfill their life project.

Formatges Muntanyola
Bodegons Muntanyola
Special Employment Center

We are a Special Employment Center. Inclusion and diversity are part of our values. In the cheese-making process, from the care of the herd to the cheeses reaching the table, we involve people with intellectual disabilities and in vulnerable situations, who transmit their dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm. As a Special Employment Center, we offer both productive and remunerated work and we make sure that each person receives appropriate support to meet their needs.

The value of including diversity

Special Employment Centers (SEC) are companies that aim to provide paid employment to people with disabilities. SECs are also a mean of integrating people with disabilities into the regular workforce and contribute to their social integration


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