Welcome to Bages: discovering Urpina farm!

The generosity of a family who donated an estate made Muntanyola and Urpina projects possible.

Carles shepherd of the farm and Salvador Urpina’s son, explain the story of the most emblematic solidarity project in Bages, the Urpina agro-social project.

The Urpina farm, in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, is the result of a story of generosity and great people from the Vila Isern family, who have two children with intellectual disabilities. They made the decision to donate the farm to the AMPANS Foundation, who in return would look after their children when they could no longer do so.

The recovery of ancient vines and cultivating new vines of local varieties, marked the starting point of the project.

Next to the main house, there is the goat farm and the cheese factory that artisanally produces a wide variety of Muntanyola cheeses every day. The estate also houses a building that has been a care-home to twenty-four people with support needs for more than ten years.

Welcome to Bages offers you a walk through this estate in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, with privileged views of Montserrat.